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Titanium Complete

What does this cost? Is there an alternative? Paying to much for prescriptions? With the Titanium Complete, we connect you to providers and services for a better outcome. Gain peace of mind and gain true access to care for you and your loved ones. Learn More
$69.95 per month
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With 9 out of 10 medical bills incorrectly coded the chances of overpaying on a medical bill is all too often the reality. Let our healthcare experts review your medical bills before you pay. Similar services can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars per bill. Learn More
$39.95 per month
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“Most people dislike going to a dentist, and I truly fit into that category!

Recently my husband, Bob, and I, Judy found out about GHCNow from a business associate of ours, looked into it and signed up. Little did we know we would be using the personal concierge services of GHCNow!

What a fantastic service! We were contacted GHCNow and they assigned us a personal representative, at no additional charge, but as part of their services to search out great dentists in the area, and find they did! Dr. Kang and his staff went the extra mile, genuinely concerned, and with the willingness to help us with payment plan!

The day of dental work came, and of course I was very nervous, but the doctor and staff made my dental extractions easy and painless!

Thank you GHCNow!”

-Judy T. Scottsdale, AZ
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