Membership Testimonials

John - Local Savings

John"I was pleasantly surprised to find my prescription savings were $115.15 on a $129.00 prescription! That's nearly 90%!" - John

"I saved $142.00 on my dental visit thanks to Global Healthcare Now! I would reccommend this program to anyone who wants to save money" - John

Terry - Local Savings

Terry"My doctors visit is normally $165 but with my savings through the program it was only $44.65!" - Terry

Austin - Local Savings

Austin"I have been a Global Healthcare Member from the beginning. It has yet to fail when it comes to saving money on healthcare. Recently I had to fill a $103 prescription, but with the program it was only $52! I'm so glad this program is here for me." - Austin

Chris and Crystal - Medical Tourism Savings

"I've recommended it to so many people, my Aunt is going... you can't beat the price... Why not enjoy the beach and get great service and great food?" - Crystal

"[The Facility was] outstanding, modern, contemporary well kept, I was very impressed." - Chris

Susan - Medical Tourism Savings

"One of the fears... was the fact that I was coming down alone. Knowning that there were going to be people at the airport to pick me up and take me to the hotel, getting me to my destination and knowning where I should go and shouldn't go. I felt very comfortable." - Susan

"Even with my insurance my lasik surgery was going to cost me $5,000. I turned to my Global Healthcare Now program and saved $3331.00!!! My results and service with Global Healthcare Now were world class!" - Susan

More Members - Program Savings

"I saved enough money on dental alone with this program to pay for my entire health insurance this year!" - Brian

"I showed my friend this program and she immediately started saving 20% on her prescriptions!" - Becky

"My prescription that would have been unafordable now that I have lost my insurance went from $600.00 down to $142.00, thank you!!!" - Tom

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Our Mission

GHCNow is dedicated to the cause of educating people on how to save money on medical expenses and at the same time teach them how to become financially secure.