Global Healthcare Now Membership Program - Local Savings

Prescription Savings Medical
Over 400,000 provider locations and 50,000 facilities nationwide provide you with savings up to 50% and more on primary care doctors and specialists, 20-60% on diagnostic tests, and up to 20% on hospital outpatient services.

Save 10-35% on routine dental care and checkups!

Get healthy with savings of 10-50% on fitness clubs, "stop smoking" programs, weight loss, nutrition and more!

Alternative Care
Get relief for a host of conditions with acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, massage therapy and natural medicine, at a savings of 20%.

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Product or Service Provider Location Retail Price Discounted Price $ Savings % Savings
Primary Care Office Irvine, CA $145 $84 $61 42%
Eye Exam Flint, MI $55 $40 $15 27%
Porcelain Veneer (per tooth) Las Vegas, NV $1,150 $463 $687 60%
Acupuncture Commerce, CA $55 $44 $11 20%
Assisted Living Whitestone, NY $4,700 $3,760 $940 20%
Pressure Mattress System Medical Products
Direct (Nationwide)
$1,983 $1,685.55 $297.45 15%
26-week Weight Loss Program Jenny Craig (Nationwide) $199 $99 $100 50%

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Our Mission

GHCNow is dedicated to the cause of educating people on how to save money on medical expenses and at the same time teach them how to become financially secure.