Frequently Asked Questions


Does GHCNow use a specific network of providers?

No! GHCNow does not limit members to a specific list of providers (a.k.a. network) we can work with any physician’s office. A network does not guarantee acceptance or a better price when compared to an upfront starting price. It is always safer to know the regional price and to have comparison pricing for the procedure before you go!

Should I try on my own to get the best deal before using my membership?

No! If you contact the providers we loose the ability to leverage on your behalf.

Why can't I negotiate my own services?

Less work is required and a better price is given when dealing with a knowledgeable professional. taking the time to organize the services needed saves providers time and lowers their cost.

How much time does it take?

Each provider is different and response time could be between a few hours and a few days. It is important to be flexible to get the best quality and price combination.

What if the provider I want to use won't lower the bill?

Most providers are understanding and want to be fair to you as a client. Presenting you as a valuable asset to their business and agreeing on a rate as a preferred customer is best.

What happens when everyone gets free insurance through Obamacare?

Insurance is not designed to save you money, we are! Members will be allowed to exchange GHCNow iAssurance & uDefender programs at no charge if their status of insured, non insured changes.

What if my bill is already low?

We confirm lowest pricing and lend third party credibility to future pricing.

Do I have to switch from my current doctor to get better pricing?

Not always, however you do not want to be seen as a captive audience and the pricing structure used for determining your bill should be confirmed as well.

How much will being a member save me each year?

Saving you time and money is our number one goal! Each year we help members save as much as is available to save and have saved individual members in amounts of over $40,000.

If this is not insurance how will I pay the providers?

Paying upfront is cheaper because the provider has less expense than with insurance filing so care becomes more affordable. In addition we offer financing options and cheaper foreign solutions to make managing cost a reality.

Is it really illegal for a doctor to directly lower the price to a patient?

Unlike insurance, we do not charge high monthly premiums in order to finance future medical expenses. Instead we have a much lower membership rate and you simply pay at the time of service. To reach guaranteed savings you must follow these steps:

It is, for a provider to offer a Usual and Customary fee for service, and to routinely lower it for every patient, creates an act of fraud when billing insurance companies the higher fee.

If I travel for care will a doctor see me when I come back?

Yes! Doctors see patients in need, they do not discriminate because you have seen another provider previously.

How do I access my local savings?

Unlike insurance, we do not charge high monthly premiums in order to finance future medical expenses. Instead we have a much lower membership rate and you simply pay at the time of service. To reach guaranteed savings you must follow these steps:

  1. Call customer care at the number on your local savings card, Monday - Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST. An advisor will help you locate providers and confirm the discount.
  2. Simply show your card and the confirmed pricing letter at the provider’s office and pay your discounted rate.
  3. If there are any questions by the office staff, have the staff call the number on the card and customer support will be happy to speak with them for you. Never try to explain the program yourself.

Your savings are guaranteed! If you follow the steps above and do not get at least the minimum discount advertised, you will be refund the difference*

*Does not apply to hospitals, long-term care or behavioral health facilities, or pharmacy discounts.

How do I access prescription savings?

The average family of four spends $2,380 every year on pharmacy expenses. Our members lower this expense by saving an average of 16% on brand name and 55% on generic drugs at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide!*

  1. Take your card to a participating pharmacy along with your new or refill prescription.
  2. Show the card to your pharmacist and receive your savings instantly - right at the pharmacy counter!

*Each cardholder’s savings depend on factors such as the particular drug, amount purchased, strength and pharmacy where purchased. Participating companies independently set these level of savings offered and the products included. Those decisions are subject to change.

How do I access international savings?

With your Global Healthcare Now membership program you have exclusive access to Medical Tourism Connection, a state of the art savings program that delivers global healthcare access to you and your family. To get started:

  1. Login to
  2. Follow the steps to savings! (Call 1-888-545-5815 for assistance)

What if I don't have an email address?

Your Advocate will be happy to assist you in setting up a gmail account for you free of charge. Your email is essential for using the web interface for global procedure scheduling.

Will this program work with my insurance?

Yes! This program works well with insurance in different areas. Read the sections below to find out how to use each portion of the program with your insurance.

The Global Healthcare Now local savings is designed for all of those day to day health expenses that insurance does not cover. While the local savings card cannot be used in conjunction with your insurance card to "double dip" on your savings, you may be able to use the local savings card to save on your office visit and then turn the bill in to your insurance company to apply towards your deductible.

Many insurance plans work very well with our international savings. Most insurance companies will work with you when travel to reduce cost. Typically when you travel to reduce cost, insurance companies enjoy the savings you are bringing them. If you have a health savings account (HSA) in most cases you can use it to cover the cost of your airfare, hotel and procedure as long as it falls under the guidelines for use (most plans do not cover cosmetic or elective procedures).

While you cannot use the prescription savings card in conjunction with your insurance, in some cases you may get a better price with the prescription card. When visiting your pharmacy ask them to price your medication with each so that you receive the best price.


What is the monthly business fee for?

Global Healthcare Now handles the back end of your business so you can focus on marketing and increasing your bottom line. The monthly fee for the business is $49.95 but if you carry a membership you will receive a discount of 80%!

What you get for your monthly fee

  • Personalized Website
  • Online membership and business enrollment
  • New Trainings
  • New Materials
  • Ongoing Corporate Support
  • Access to Corporate Calls
  • Access to Corporate Trainings
  • Newsletters
  • Accounting Reports
  • Geneology Reports
  • Customer Management Tools

When do I get paid?

We recognize the hard work and dedication it takes to running your own business. Making sure payments are acurate and on time is our number one priority.

Commissions for new enrollments are paid daily. These checks include all new enrollments from Wednesday 11:59 pm CST to the following Wednesday at the same time. Payments are calculated the following Thursday and distributed Friday.

Residuals, Overrides and Bonuses are paid the first business day of each month.

How do I qualify for a business expansion?

As a Global Healthcare Now Advocate you have the opportunity to expand your business. You can think of an expansion as reinserting yourself into the matrix.

By expanding your business you will now get paid from your expansion as well as your original business center. Once you expand, all new Advocates you personally sponsor will be placed underneath your newest expansion.

There are a few qualifications to expand. To qualify for an expansion you must personally sponsor 3 advocates who become "Active" by selling at least 2 memberships. Additionally the first 2 levels of your matrix (level one containing 3 Advocates and level two containing 9 Advocates) must be full.

Expansions are calculated the first business day of each month. An email is sent out detailing how expansion works and what to do to place an expansion if you have qualified for that month.

Our Mission

GHCNow is dedicated to the cause of educating people on how to save money on medical expenses and at the same time teach them how to become financially secure.